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WHY? Eco Moving Boxes

According to the land registry figures 123,293 properties where sold in June 2007. This is a lot of house moves and with the average house using over 30 boxes in a move, that's over 3.5 million boxes a month and over 3.5 thousand tonne's of cardboard just to move house in one month alone.

Shocked? we are.

This is an astounding figure and with approx 17 trees needed to produce 1 tonne of cardboard, 59,500 trees would be needed to produce this amount of cardboard a month 714,000 a year. The majority of cardboard is recycled and turned back into boxes, but this itself has an environmental impact. The boxes are re-usable and we have always promoted passing on the moving boxes to be used by someone else. We do realise that this is not always possible and sadly a lot of the boxes we provide end up recycled or in landfill. Because of the rise in output from China their need is now greater than ours and very large proportion of the recycled board from this and other countries is now been shipped to china to be recycled and used for their exports. This is better than landfill however the environmental impact of shipping these perfectly good boxes half way around the world, what can we say!.

If all the moving boxes in a year ended up on a land fill this would be over 1.1 million cubic feet of rubbish. Not enough to fill the Albert Hall, but over five years it would be.

Can you help to prevent this?

Yes you can. If you purchase our eco-moving boxes you can send them back to us when you are finished with them, they are approx 30% cheaper than buying new so it saves you money as well. When we receive them back to our depot we check them and either send them back out for someone else to use or shred them to make protective packaging material for companies to use.