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Eco Moving Boxes

Welcome to eco moving boxes, the home of the returnable, reusable moving house removal boxes.

Moving Boxes: Returnable & recyclable


Returnable Cardboard Moving Boxes? YES we did say returnable removal boxes.

As suppliers of New cardboard moving boxes for removal companies and the general public a like, we came to realise that although we asked our customers to pass the boxes on to be used again, generally they ended up at a recycling depot (and hopefully recycled) or on a landfill site.

However the moving boxes we supply are such a good quality it seemed a shame to use so much energy to turn them from moving boxes into........ moving boxes! or use up landfill. After a lot of discussions, perspiration from our MD and burning of the midnight light bulbs "energy saving of course", we managed to put together a system we think will work to reduce the energy wasted by turning good boxes back into..... good boxes and save on landfill.

Sounds Great, How Does Eco Boxes work?

We have put together a eco moving pack, that comprises of a selection of gently used moving boxes and bio-degradable parcel tape.
You can buy any number of eco moving packs (one to five) that you feel you will need based on the size of your move, once you have finished with them we can collect the used moving boxes at NO additional cost if you require us to.

Of course this might be not be ideal for everyone so click the link if you are looking for new moving boxes and other packing materials

Great, How do I get some Eco moving packs?

Simply click on the 'buy now' button above or Click here and choose how many packs you require, these will then be despatched and delivered directly to your house or work. You then fill them and use them as you would normally. Then you can either pass them on to friends, family. Call us or email us and we will collect them free of charge.

If this is not for you, then have a look at new moving boxes supplied for moving home and packing up.